VBPR 1999-2019

Project codeYearProject typeDescription 
MNG991999Geoph. AtlasMøre and Vøring Basins
Basalt991999Int. Report
VTMS002000SamplingVøring Transform Margin
SILL002000Int. ReportPetroleum Implications of Sill Intrusions
SILL012001Int. ReportPetroleum Implications of Sill Intrusions
Karoo012001Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
SGMPL2582001Geoph. AtlasSGM work for PL258
Portugal012001Field WorkPortugal Field Trip
BARSGM012001Geoph. AtlasBarents Sea (1st edition)
Greenland012001Field WorkGreenland Field Trip
WGB022002Geoph. AtlasWest Greenland Basins
2002P-CableP-Cable Project established (VBPR, Fugro Surveys, NOC and UiT)
Karoo022002Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
Iceland022002Field WorkIceland
SILL032003Int. ReportPetroleum Implications of Sill Intrusions (Phase 2)
Karoo032003Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
2004P-CableNorwegian patent granted
Greenland042004Field WorkGreenland Field Trip
Sibir042004Field WorkSibir
Karoo042004Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
BS042004Geoph. AtlasBarents Sea (2nd edition)
WGB042004Geoph. AtlasWest Greenland Basins (Updated)
2005P-CableHaakon Mosby Mud Volcano 3D (Barents Sea), Vestnesa 3D (Svalbard)
Karoo052005Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
2006Int. ReportTroll and Tulipan
Greenland062006Field WorkGreenland Field Trip
SOO062006Geoph. AtlasSea of Okhotsk, Russia
DWAM062006Geoph. AtlasDisko-Nuussuaq, West Greenland Basins 67-71 N
NCSDC062006Int. ReportNCS Discovery Catalog
EGB072007Geoph. AtlasEast Greenland Basins
HR072007P-CablePeon 3D (Norsk Hydro)
2008P-CableP-Cable 3D Seismic AS (P3S) established
Argentina 082008Field WorkArgentina Toarchian Expedition
Greenland082008Field WorkGreenland Field Trip
BSS082008SamplingBaffin Bay, West Greenland
EG092009Geoph. AtlasEast Greenland Basins (1st edition)
MV102010Geoph. AtlasMøre and Vøring Basins (2nd edition)
JMRS112011SamplingJan Mayen Ridge
EGB112011Geoph. AtlasEast Greenland Basins (2012/3013 License Round edition)
EGS112011SamplingEast Greenland - Danmarkshavn and Thetis Basins - ph 1
Karoo112011Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
EGS122012SamplingEast Greenland - Danmarkshavn and Thetis Basins - ph 2
SWGS122012SamplingSW Greenland
BS122012Geoph. AtlasBarents Sea (22R edition)
MV122012Geoph. AtlasMøre and Vøring Basins (3rd edition)
ABS122012SamplingAmmassalik Basin, SE Greenland
HR122012P-CableFirst commercial survey - 22R Barnets Sea
Karoo122012Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
VMAPP2013-16Int. ReportVolcanic Margin Petroleum Prospectivity
Argentina 132013Field WorkNeuquen Basin
Karoo132013Field WorkKaroo, South Africa
HR142014P-Cable3D & WAP - Barents Sea
BSS142014SamplingBarents Sea - Hoop and BSSE
LBS142014SamplingLabrador Sea, Canada
HR15-BS2015P-Cable3D & WAP - Barents Sea
HR15-MN2015P-CableWAP - Norwegian Sea
HR162016P-CableWisting 3D - new industry standard for high-res seismic
2016P-CableP-Cable 3D Seismic AS (P3S) sold to NCS-Subsea Inc, USA
EGS162016SamplingEast Greenland - Block 3
BSS14R2017SamplingBarents Sea - Hoop and BSSE (24R edition)
IBS172017Int. ReportP-Cable | Barents Sea Interpretation Report
VMAPP22018-21Int. ReportVolcanic Margin Petroleum Prospectivity (Phase 2)
EGS18M2018SamplingEast Greenland - Integration of EGS11, 12 and 16 surveys
NAMS182018SamplingNorth Atlantic Margin (Synthesis)
Hebrides182018Field WorkVMAPP field trip to Isles of Skye and Mull, Hebrides
Hebrides192019Field WorkVMAPP field trip Hebrides
Sibir192019Field WorkSibir