Argentina Field Trip

The high quality of exposures and fossil content in the Mesozoic rocks of the Neuquén Basin are strong interesting for the basin development research and hydrocarbon exploration.

The five days field trip mainly focuses on the hydrocarbon systems and stratigraphy of the Neuquén Basin in the Patagonia region of Argentina. The main themes are:

  • Basin stratigraphy and development
  • Structure of fold and thrust belt (global focus)
  • Magmatism in sedimentary basins (global focus)
  • Great looking rocks



  • Field Trip Itinerary
  • Further Reading
  • The Andean Geotrail Project

The trip covers the main localities and landscapes of both Jurassic and Cretaceous outcrops from the Neuquén Basin as well as the Cenozoic volcanic complexes around the Tromen volcano. The quality of outcrops, good roads, and excellent infrasturcture in the field areas make exciting place to visit for the geoscientists from all over the world. Field trips can be specially organised on individual company request.


field argentina map1


The Neuquén Basin

  • Geodynamic Framework
  • Stratigraphy
  • Igneous Rocks and Processes

Field Trips

  • Day 1: Nequén-Zapal
  • Day 2: Zapala-Chos Malal
  • Day 3: Chos Malal Region
  • Day 4: Chos Malal-Malargüe
  • Day 5: Malargüe-Mendoza

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