West Greenland Field Trip

Purpose and Field Trip Themes

This multi-client field trip has been offered to the oil and gas companies in order to integrate field observations with seismic data and regional models of the West Greenland basins. The main field trip themes are:

  • Properties and deposition of Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene clastic sequences
  • Oil seeps and evidence of multiple source rocks
  • Facies variations and petroleum implications of Paleocene volcanic rocks

In addition, the region gives a unique opportunity to view ice sheet dynamics, in particular fast-flowing ice-streams transporting large volumes of glacial sediments out on the shelf. Six localities - two of which will be visited on a helicopter round-trip - will highlight the geological setting of the basin and show the characteristic rock types and oil seep localities. The localities will not necessarily be visited in the same order as they are described in this guide, since logistics will be strongly dependent on weather.


Synthesis and Conclusions

  • Executive Summary
  • Geological Framework
  • Petroleum Systems

West Kamchatka Region

  • Geophysical Maps
  • Integrated SGM Interpretation and Modeling

Data, Methods, and References


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Disko-Nuussuaq Geology