North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018

Compiled and edited by Stephane Polteau, Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova, Dmitry Zastrozhnov and Sverre Planke, with contributions from Ben Manton and Reidun Myklebust (TGS)


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Methods
  4. Hydrocarbon Seepage
  5. Stratigraphy
  6. Seep Studies
  7. Plate Reconstructions
  8. Petroleum Systems
  9. Conclusions
  10. References


With a conjugate margin approach, the NAMS18 report integrates all available geological, seismic, gravity, and magnetic data across the continental margins of the NE Atlantic to provide an indispensable ingredient for making discoveries by correct identification of prospective structures and reservoirs.


  • Compilation of seep and stratigraphic sampling results providing evidence for an extensive and prolific Jurassic system in the NE Atlantic
  • Evaluation of structural continuity from the East Greenland margin to the NE European shelf, by integrating seafloor sampling results with geophysical data over the reconstructed NE Atlantic prior to breakup (58 Ma)
  • Description of a number of high-impact structures along the Norwegian Continental Margin where the Base Cretaceous Unconformity and potential Jurassic sequences are within the oil and/or gas window

NAMS18 and BSS14 sampling sites (red dots)
TGS 3D/2D data (yellow), NPD licenses (blue)


The report provides merged results from seven sampling cruises (2000 - 2016):

Seep and stratigraphy results from 241 gravity cores and 29 dredge samples have been correlated with an extensive geophysical and geological database (VBPR, UiO, NGU, TGS) to provide new insights into the structure and stratigraphy of unexplored high-impact targets along the NE Greenland and Norwegian Continental Margin:

  • 10 chapters with highlights of individual surveys
  • Implications on petroleum prospectivity of conjugate margins
  • 58 Ma plate tectonic reconstruction
  • Evaluation of results with regards to the corresponding conjugate margins
  • Geo-referenced data in an ArcGIS project for both present-day and pre break-up
  • Easy to import proprietary data into the reconstructed ArcGIS project


Digital data on disk:

  • NAMS18 synthesis report
  • ArcGIS projects (present day and reconstructed at 58 Ma)
  • NAMS18 GPlates reconstruction model for 0 - 58 Ma
  • Original cruise and lab reports, including accompanying geochemical data