VBPR has since 1999 performed regional interpretation of the full TGS multi-client 2D and 3D coverage in mid-Norway. With the Jormungandr 2Dcubed project, known as the J-Cube, carefully selected 2D data in Norway was unmigrated, balanced, merged and 3D-migrated into a seamless cube.

All VBPR interpretation has been transferred  into the  2Dcubed environment and thoroughly QC'd. The 12 regional horizons are offered for licensing to clients subject to licensing the northern, southern or full J-Cube in Mid-Norway.


Base Naust

Top Tare

Near Top Paleocene

Top Basalt

Base Basalt

Base Paleogene Unconformity

Intra Mid Campanian

Near Top Turonian

Mid Cenomanian

Mid Albian

Base Cretaceous Unconformity

VBPR Mid-Norway data access