Geophysical Atlas of the Møre and Vøring Basins - 2012

Compiled and edited by Mikal Trulsvik, Sverre Planke, Dougal Jerram, Reidun Myklebust, and Stephane Polteau.

The Geological Atlas of the Møre and Vøring Basins (MV12) is an updated version for 22nd licensing round which is focused on improved interpretation of the volcanic complexes on the outer Møre and Vøring basins, sub-basalt interpretation, and sediments-basalt interaction.

Original version issued 1999.
2010 version was prepared for the 21st licensing round




The main focus of the atlas are:

  • petroleum potential of the sub-basalt acreage
  • to increase knowledge and understanding of the process that control breakup-related volcanism and their effect on the petroleum system
  • to give comprehensive overview of the structure and development of the outer Møre and Vøring basins based on SGM interpretation
  • seismic volcanostratigraphy for improved interpretation of basalt and sub-basalt prospects

SGM work from this report is integrated in the "North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018" project, NAMS18