Comparisons of conventional 3D seismic and P-Cable seismic over the Wisting Oil Field, Barents Sea. High-resolution P-Cable 3D data reveals superior imaging of both overburden and reservoir sequences. Both datasets are processed using TGS  Clari-Fi™ method.



VBPR has led the development of the P-Cable high-resolution 3D seismic technology since 2001, and co-founded the P-Cable 3D Seismic AS (P3S) company in 2008. P3S was sold to the Houston-based company NCS Subsea in July 2016 (See company history).

VBPR is the co-owner of an extensive multi-client P-Cable database in the Barents and Norwegian seas, and will continue to work closely with P-Cable companies to develop new multi-client surveys world-wide.

New Industry Standard for High-Res Seismic

Nominated for the Exploration Innovation Prize 2019 - NCS Exploration Conference (21-22 May 2019)
Repeatability of high-resolution 3D seismic data
- Malin Waage, part of dissertation for the PhD based on high-res P-Cable data (01.01.2019)
Wisting is growing - OMV reports 26% increase in reserves (15.01.2019,
Avdekker hemmeligheter under havbunnen -  New report from CAGE on the importance of high-res P-Cable data (07.09.2018)
High-resolution Low-cost 3D and 4D Seismic Surveys for Deepwater Fields  -  P. Hatchell, Shell at EAGE 2018
Excellent tool for risk-reduction of all types of wells on the NCS  - P-Cable 3D on Sentralbankhøgda, NE Barents Sea (2017, NPD video)
Ekstremt god oppløsning  -  Interviews with VBPR and OMV about P-Cable high-res data  (GEO nr.5 2017, in Norwegian)

Multi-Client Data/Products

P-Cable | Norwegian Sea

2D wide azimuth profile (1108 km) tying 20 exploration wells in the outer Vøring Basin.

P-Cable | Barents Sea

3D cubes over high-graded prospects, and 2D wide azimuth profiles tying 30 exploration wells across the Norwegian Barents Sea.

P-Cable | Barents Sea Interpretation Report

Multi-disciplinary study of the Hoop and Bjarmeland Platform areas aimed at improving exploration success in high-graded 24th round blocks.

Accoustic impedence inversion, Wisting
(image from OMV)

From P-Cable Wide Azimuth Profile HR2015, Bjarmeland Platform, Barents Sea