Geophysical Atlas of the East Greenland Basins

Compiled and edited by Mikal Trulsvik, Sverre Planke, Stephane Polteau and Reidun Myklebust.

The Atlas is a comprehensive interpretation project based on the integrated seismic, gravity and magnetic (SGM) interpretation method. Focus is on the northeast Greenland margin and the 2012/2013 licensing round areas. The Atlas is a complete revision of the 2007-edition, and all available TGS seismic (NEG08/09 and reprocessed AWI 99/02/03) and airborne magnetic (NEGAM07/08) and gravity data (NEGAG07/08, NEG/AWI line data) were used to evaluate the structure and development of the NE Greenland margin.


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  • Onshore geology compiled and edited by GEUS
  • Map interpretations based on bathymetry, airborne magnetic and gravity surveys, and complex anomaly analyses
  • Magnetic and gravity anomaly interpretations
  • Nomenclature map for the whole East Greenland margin
  • Euler 3D depths to magnetic sources
  • Seismic interpretations supported by airborne magnetic and gravity line data
  • 11 gravity/magnetic modeling transects across key anomalies
  • Basin modeling and assessment of hydrocarbon maturation potential across Danmarkshavn and Thetis basins using TecMod2D
  • Plate tectonic reconstruction and conjugate margin interpretation
  • Continent-ocean transition evaluation
  • Volcanic complex and sill intrusions
  • Petroleum implications of sill intrusions

The main focus of the atlas are:

  • petroleum potential of the sub-basalt acreage
  • to increase knowledge and understanding of the process that control breakup-related volcanism and their effect on the petroleum system
  • to give comprehensive overview of the structure and development of the outer Møre and Vøring basins based on SGM interpretation
  • seismic volcanostratigraphy for improved interpretation of basalt and sub-basalt prospects

SGM work from this report is integrated in the "North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018" project, NAMS18


Map highlighting the area covered in the Atlas.

Geoseismic section NE Greenland



  • Executive Summary
  • Geological Framework
  • Greenland Maps
  • Northeast Atlantic

Northern East Greenland

  • Regional Maps
  • Thetis and Trolle Land Margins
  • Liverpool Land and Foster Margins

Southeast Greenland



Grav-Mag anomalies