Geophysical Atlas of the Møre and Vøring Basins -2010

Geophysical Atlas of the Møre and Vøring Basins | 21st Licensing Round Edition

Compiled and edited by Sverre Planke, Mikal Trulsvik, Reidun Myklebust, Stephane Polteau, and Ingrid Aarnes.

The 21st licensing round atlas focuses on the announced blocks in the northern Vøring Basin, Vøring Marginal High, and central Møre Margin. Sixteen of the blocks are situated in areas where pre-Eocene successions are overlain by volcanic extrusive complexes, whereas 35 of the blocks are intruded by sills and pierced by hydrothermal vent complexes.

The aim of the Atlas is to provide exploration companies with:

  • updated basin structure based on integrated SGM interpretation
  • petroleum prospectivity from modeling of regional transects
  • maturation effect of sill intrusions
  • structure and implications of volcanic rocks and processes
  • sub-basalt structure and prospectivity
  • evaluation of the continent-ocean transition

First edition released in 1999.
Report updated for the 22nd licensing round in 2012 (MV12)