Barents Sea Sampling 2014

The results of the study was highly relevant for constraining geological models in terms of hydrocarbon prospectivity for areas opened for the 23rd Consession Round in Norway. Over 450 gravity cores were collected in the Barents Sea to identify hydrocarbon seepage anomalies and for seismic-stratigraphic tie.
The seep studies were carried out using three different analytical methods:

APT        Standard organic geochemical analysis of Applied Petroleum Technology
AGI         Amplified Geochemical Imaging
MPOG    Microbial Prospecting for Oil and Gas method

The reports for BSS14 Hoop Area and BSS14 Barents SE Area are sold separately.

In 2017 additional calibration points were incorporated and the full BSS14 database re-evaluated. A new workflow was also developed for improved identification of hydrocarbon phase. See BSS14 Repro

Barents Sea (Hoop Area) Sampling Project 2014

Edited by Stephane Polteau, and Sverre Planke.

One hundred and sixty sampling locations targeted deep-seated Jurassic fault blocks and potential hydrocarbon seeps on the Hoop Area:

  • 125 gravity cores and 35 sites in the vicinity of seven wells for geochemical calibration
  • Standard (APT), amplified (Gore), and microbial prospecting (MPOG) seep analyses detected micro-seepage

Barents Sea (Barents SE Area) Sampling Project 2014

Edited by Stephane Polteau, Adriano Mazzini, and Sverre Planke.

Two hundred and ninety-three sampling locations targeted deep-seated sturctures, including faults blocks, diapirs, outgoing stratigraphy, and potential hydrocabon seeps on the Barents SE Area:

  • 293 gravity cores recovered
  • Two active petroleum systems identified
  • Micro-seepage of liquid hydrocarbon to the seafloor detected
  • Seismic to geology tie


Map showing Hoop Area and Barents SE Area sampling sites and 23rd round blocks.

 bss14 pic1

 M/V Koninging Juliana during the BSS14 survey.


Executive Summary


  • Aims and Introduction
  • Presentation of Results
  • Geological Framework


  • Overview
  • M/V Koninging Juliana
  • Sampling Crew
  • Mobilization
  • Deployment and Recovery Procedures
  • Diary of Events
  • Production Levels
  • Post-Cruise Time-Line

Explanatory Notes

  • Authorship
  • Acknowledgements
  • Survey Systems
  • Coring System
  • Wet Lab
  • Geochemistry
  • Sampling Subcrops
  • Biostratigraphy


  • Geophysical Data
  • Sampling Results
  • Standard Seep Geochemistry
  • MPOG
  • AGI
  • Stratigraphic Samples

Integration and Conclusions

  • Introduction
  • Calibration Sites
  • Areas
  • Petroleum Systems
  • Conclusions



  • Core Descriptions
  • Original Lab Reports
  • APT Data Report

Digital Data