Norwegian Continental Shelf Discovery Catalog

Compiled and edited by Mikal Trulsvik, Kelvin Taylor, and Sverre Planke.

A complete guide to Resource Category (RC) 5-7 discoveries on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The NCS Discovery Catalog covers all discoveries on the Norwegian Continental Shelf as per July 2006 classified as Resource Category 5, 6 and 7 under the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s classification scheme. Data for each discovery are presented in a consistent layout comprising four facing pages highlighting regional overview, area potential, reservoir seismic, and well data.

The data presented for each of the 113 discoveries includes

  • key information and maps
  • regional seismic lines
  • interpreted reservoir seismic section
  • synthetic seismogram
  • reserves
  • well-data summary sheet
  • text boxes and tables highlighting geological plays, development scenario, production tests, reservoir characteristics, etc.


Volume 1-3 | North Sea

  • Central Graben (56-58°N)
  • South Viking Graben (58-60°N)
  • North Viking Graben (60-62°N)

Volume 4 | Norwegian Sea

Volume 5 | Barents Sea