November 2020 | 25R blocks in VBPR core areas

The 25th licensing round was announced 19th of November, with 125 blocks in the Barents Sea and 11 blocks offshore mid-Norway.

In the northern Barents Sea, from Fingerdjupet across Hoop to Mjølnir, VBPR and TGS have invested in P-Cable and seafloor sampling data to investigate the hydrocarbon systems at highest possible resolution. For more info on the data or consultancy relevant for 25R areas, please contact us.

The remaining 11 blocks are in the Slørebotn area south of the Ormen Lange field. VBPR is proposing a 25th round project, NQ21, on Neogene and Quaternary geology, prospectivity, and geo-hazards. This is a topic VBPR has published extensively on during the last decade, and these studies are particularly relevant for understanding the North Sea and Bear Island Fan areas.

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